About Mad Men Liquor

Mad Men Liquor - Purveyor of fine beverages

What we do

We aim to bring you great products; it’s that simple. In fact what we do is referred to as insanely simple! Trust us. Once you have seen and read our profiles, you will know that we are no rocket scientists: we have to keep things simple!.

When we say great products, this means quality products created by those who have a passion and whose blood, sweat and tears (and livelihood) are in the products. They are products with a story.

Why do we do it

Because we are passionate about linking those who create great products with those who are passionate about enjoying great products.

How do we do it?

We aim establish the relationship between the suppliers and you. Ultimately to build, create and maintain the link between those who love to produce and those who love to enjoy.

We can also use our extensive connections to source products for you. Tell us what you want and we'll do the rest!

Who we are


Our MD, having a passion for wine, this led Nick to the small town of Vertus in the Champagne region in France. It was here that his love for growers champagnes blossomed into MML. He's spent most of his adult life training for this!  


As a chef and more recently a food and beverage manager, Sean's expertise lies in running key events for MML and is available to all MML customers to help/run/train any event or tastings involving MML products.


Our finance guru, Aaron, completes the MML team having travelled the world extensively, consuming some of the finest beverages.


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